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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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DBS Bank plans SandBox metaverse game to address global food waste

Today DBS Bank unveiled its DBS Betterworld gamified experience that it plans to launch in The SandBox web3 metaverse. The aim is to highlight global food waste. “DBS believes that...

China Mobile proposes metaverse regulation, triggers critics for privacy concerns

After submitting fresh proposals to a United Nations (UN) group focusing on a digital identity system, China now wants to set the standard for...

What Experts Are Saying About the Metaverse

In 2023, the Metaverse is no longer just science fiction but a real and expanding digital universe with seemingly limitless potential. Experts from various...

DBS unveils new metaverse game to highlight global food waste issues

Banking firm DBS has launched a new concept for its metaverse DBS BetterWorld where it uses gamification in the virtual space for good. Players will...

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