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Dogecoin’s Lacking Tech Development : How Does Everlodge Compare?

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The dog behind the memecoin Doge has sadly passed, but with limited development activity, we ask ‘What is happening with crypto now?’. Everlodge, a new property and web3 orientated project, is making investors take note as the project forges ahead. Let’s dive in.

Can Dogecoin really become ‘the currency of the people’?

On the Dogecoin website it says that the long term mission of Dogecoin is to become the ‘currency of the people’. Their mission statement adds more and adds in a friendly dogelike manner stating

“Being useful, we value utility over technical brilliance.

Being personable, we value individuals and interactions over profit-driven economics.

Being welcoming, we value collaboration and trust over competition and exclusivity.

Being reliable, we value working solutions over speed of delivery.”

Unfortunately the latter seems all too true, since the code and websites of Dogecoin don’t appear to have been updated since 2022.

On the last day of 2023 the Dogecoin Foundation announced a 5 million Dogecoin fund (approx $360,000 at the time) to reward developers for any contributions, large or small. However a look at the main github repository suggests that nothing has been changed for over a year, suggesting that the fund did little or nothing to progress development.

With no updates on Twitter, any of the websites or blogs, it’s hard to know if Dogecoin is going anywhere at all. 

Interestingly trading platform Robinhood apparently holds around 30% of the current supply of Dogecoin. As crypto writer Yuna Rin pointed out, Robinhood has high profile investors such as Blackrock and Fidelity, meaning that in an ironic way, Dogecoin is less of a currency of the people than of the institutions.

Everlodge – Can it become the AirBnb of Web3?

If you haven’t heard of Everlodge that’s because it’s new both in terms of age and the technology.  Another thing Blackrock is bullish about is the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) using NFTs. Everlodge is tapping into this area of the market through tokenization and fractionalization of vacation properties.

The idea is that ordinary investors can skip all the hassle and massive costs required to invest in luxury holiday properties, letting Everlodge do the heavy lifting, and buy fractions of properties around the world for as low as $100.

Everlodge are designing an easy to use app that will make it simple to see which properties you have a stake in, and how much rental income you will receive.  The marketplace will be easy to browse for new opportunities. Their token, ELDG, will be used to purchase properties and other things within the ecosystem. People will also be able to trade their NFTs there or on Opensea.

ELDG brings some other opportunities and rewards such as free stays for holders and staking rewards.

Everlodge has some other interesting plans including a launchpad for established and reputable developers and partners. Everlodge will assist the developers and hotels to acquire funding. Once built, the properties will be available for exclusive investment via Everlodge.

ELDG is in the beta phase of its presale at $0.01 and will have a minimum launch price of $0.038 according to their website so this could be a great time to get in early.

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