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Weekly Tech Recap: iPhone 15 Pro might get 150W charging, Musk accuses Facebook of global opinion manipulation, more

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This week, the tech world saw the unveiling of a new smartphone by Realme, along with significant rumors and speculations surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Notably, Samsung also made headlines as leaked information indicated that the South Korean company could be in the development stages of a rollable smartphone. Here’s a brief recap for you:

iPhone 15 Pro might feature a Thunderbolt Cable for 150W charging

Apple is reportedly transitioning to USB Type-C for its iPhone 15 series, potentially due to EU regulations. Standard iPhone 15 models may have slower charging speeds with Apple-certified cables required. In contrast, leaks suggest that iPhone 15 Pro models could feature a Thunderbolt USB Type-C cable for faster charging, up to 150W power output, and 4K 60Hz output. These details are unofficial and await confirmation at Apple’s expected September 12 event. The Thunderbolt cable may be exclusive to the Pro models, potentially supporting advanced capabilities. However, these details should be approached with skepticism until officially confirmed by Apple.

YouTube tests new ‘Song Search’ feature: Find music by humming or recording

YouTube is testing a new Android app feature that allows users to search for songs by humming or recording them for over three seconds. Limited to select users, this “song search” function is accessible through the YouTube app’s “voice search.” Once the song is identified, the app displays official music content, user-generated videos, and Shorts. This feature, based on Google’s “Hum to Search” technology, is faster, requiring only three seconds of audio, while Google Assistant’s version needs 15 seconds.

Is Samsung planning to launch a rollable smartphone? 

Samsung is reportedly set to release a groundbreaking smartphone in 2025 featuring a rollable OLED display, as shared by tipster Revegnus. This device is not just a concept but intended for commercial availability. Notably, it boasts Under Panel Camera (UPC) technology for a nearly bezel-less display. Samsung’s “Rollable Flex” display showcased in 2023 suggests a motorized mechanism for its rollable screen. Rollable smartphones, unlike foldables, offer seamless transition between compact and tablet-sized displays, potentially merging the need for separate devices. This innovation aligns with Samsung’s goal of making rollable smartphones mainstream by 2025.

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